It’s official! SHareCon 2023 is open for registration!

A lot has changed since our last in-person SHareCon in 2019. After two in-person cons in a row in 2018 and 2019, we took a year off and so did the rest of the world thanks to COVID. In 2021, we opted, for safety, to have a virtual con instead. Over a hundred fans in 10 time zones joined us and, thanks to our CONspirators, we had a great time. So we held another virtual con in 2022.

This year, we’re going to combine events, so YES, Virginia (and New York and Hawaii and England and Australia) SHareCon 2023 is happening. We’ll be meeting in person on October 13-16 in Linthicum, Maryland, and at the same time, virtually everywhere else!

We’ll be planning con activities soon, but for those of you who can join us in person, you can register for the con AND reserve your hotel room now.


Membership comes in assorted flavors:

For the in-person con: full attending (all four days) or single day attending (any one day) memberships.

Supporting memberships: For those who want to support the in-person con but can’t attend, we’ve offered supporting memberships. Supporting memberships prices don’t change and don’t have a deadline. Shortly after the con, supporting members are mailed the con zine, schedules, badges, and whatever con goodies we can fit in the mailer. Supporting membership helps pay the con’s bills. Supporting members are also welcome to register for the Virtual con.

Virtual membership: This is your ticket to all the virtual con events. It is free. Just as we did with the two virtual cons, we’ll need your fan name, email address to send you links to the schedule and events, and time zone. Virtual members do not receive the con zine or con materials.

If you are interested in full attending membership, the earlier you register, the cheaper it is. Also, please note in-person membership is limited due to the size of the meeting space, so that gives you two good reasons to register early. Click the Register tab to sign up for the con.


We have an online link to facilitate your hotel registration: Share CON Hotel or click on the Hotel tab.

The con rate is good from Thursday October 12 through Monday October 16 for anyone in sightseeing in Washington or Baltimore before or after the con.

Please do not register for the hotel through a third party, bonus miles, or internet search. SHareCon will not get credit for those rooms, and if we don’t meet our quota, we can suffer a penalty.

Looking forward to seeing you in person and virtually at SHareCon 2023.


SHareCon 2022, sadly, is over….

SHareCon 2022 was a fun weekend of games, panels, vids, episodes, and lots of fannish chatter. A huge thank you to everyone who made time to attend virtually, even for only one game, panel, or episode. We were so glad you joined us. We couldn’t have a con without you.

We also want to thank our CONspirators, without which we couldn’t manage to juggle so many activities. It takes more than a village to make a successful con. It takes a group of people willing to sacrifice a lot of personal time to pull this off. Take a bow!

We owe a debt of gratitude to our games organizers. It takes a wealth of knowledge to construct clever games based on our favorite show and our favorite guys and also make them fun. SHareCon games are a long-standing tradition, and we appreciate the work involved.

We’d also like to thank our panel moderators for keeping things lively. It was hard to end each of those fascinating discussions. Special thanks also go to our spotters who were at each panel to catch important questions in chat and spot “hands up” icons on time.

The vid shows were fun and the premiere vid show was outstanding. Special thanks to all the vidders willing to have their vids shown at the con, and for our vid show organizers for putting together such fun entertainment.

Thanks have to go to the writers and artists who contributed to the con e-zine. At nearly 200 pages it was a worthy addition to our SHareCon zine library!

Special thanks have to go to our TechMeister, who’s expertise and suggestions on how to improve the virtual con experience made this con run even more smoothly than the last one. We especially appreciated improvements initiated for the vid shows, special breakout rooms for chat, and get-togethers, and all the work that went into the card game, Starsky and Hutch Against Humanity. We couldn’t do it without you!!! TechMeister assures us that, in 2023, if the con is in-person, we can have a virtual component so fans who cannot attend can still participate.

So, thanks again to everyone involved in SHareCon 2022, organizers and attendees, and be looking for firm dates for SHarecon 2023 to be held sometime in October. We look forward to seeing you then.

Voting is open for the Finalists in the Paula Wilshe and Marian Kelly Awards

Thanks to everyone who nominated creators for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH and the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame. We had great participation this year. The awards are a chance to give our hard working creators a little love for everything they give us.

Now comes the hard part. Time to vote for the finalists.

Congratulations to the 22 nominees for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH. It’s great that we have such a large field of new writers! Out of that outstanding list, we have 11 finalists. Picking your favorite won’t be easy. Vote for the finalists here.

The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame has three categories: Best Writer, Best Artist, and Best Vidder. Vote for the finalists in each category here.

Best Writer had 38 nominees! Out of that exciting list we have 10 finalists. Congratulations nominees and finalists.

Best Artist added two more nominees before the deadline. Check out their art by clicking their links. All 7 nominees are dynamic artists! Congratulations and good luck.

Best Vidder had 16 nominees. That amazing group has 8 finalists. Congratulations nominees and finalists.

Final voting begins now and closes on September 30th. Winners for both awards will be announced at SHareCon on Saturday, October 15th, and posted on line soon after.

Vote for the Paula Wilshe Award here:

Vote for the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame awards here:

Thanks again to everyone who participated and good luck to the finalists.

The Awards Committee,

Cyanne, Flamingo, and Keri

SHareCon 2022 (Que Sera, Sera)

We reviewed our post from March 9, 2019, which talked about why we were having SHareCon two years in a row. We were trying to coordinate SHareCon with BistoCon, a gathering for the Professionals fandom that some of our members also attend. Coordinating the two cons so they weren’t in the same year seemed smart.

This was a year before Covid hit. A year before lockdowns, a year before the entire world changed right from under our feet. And here we are, two years later. Fortunately, life is completely back to normal!

The good news is we had a very successful virtual SHareCon. While we didn’t put out a zine, we had three days of fun with panels, vid parties, premieres, episodes, games, Baaaaad SH Theater, and the usual SHareCon shenanigans. It was fun. Not the same kind of fun that we have in person, but still a lot of fun. We missed the hugs, and getting to see people up close and personal, and communal meals, but we certainly didn’t miss sharing Con Crud — the traditional passing around of whatever virus is currently circulating — especially in the era of Covid. A lot of us also didn’t miss expensive plane trips, or expensive hotel stays, restaurant food, etc. It was, hands down, the most inexpensive con we’ve ever thrown.

Borrowing from dear Rosemary’s Pollyanna-style optimism, we have reserved space in our hotel for an in-person SHareCon near BWI airport in Maryland from October, 14 – 17, 2022. However, after two years or remaining Covid free, we’re just recovering from the Omicron variant. Hospitals are overflowing; the system is once again bogged down, and we’re wondering what the hell the future holds. We just don’t know.

October is a long ways away. We can only hope for the best…and plan for the worst. Will we have an in-person SHareCon this year… or another virtual one? Or a combination? All we can say is:

SHareCon’s Que Sera Sera
With apologies to Jay Livingston, Ray Evans, and especially Doris Day

When I was just a lockdown fan
I asked my concom when SHareCon will be
Will there be parties?
Will there be games?
Here’s what they said to me.

Que Sera Sera
Whatever will be will be
Covid’s future’s not ours to see
Que Sera Sera
What will be will be

When lockdown stopped and we had vaccines
I asked my concomm what lies ahead
Can we have panels?
Can we have meals out?
Here’s what my concomm said to me.

Que Sera Sera
Whatever will be will be
Covid’s future’s not ours to see?
Que Sera Sera
What will be will be

Two years later we’ve learned to zoom
Can this mean our
old SHareCon is doomed?
Can’t we be indoors?
Can’t we be maskless?
Or must we cancel the rooms?

Que Sera Sera
Whatever will be will be?
Covid’s future’s not ours to see,
Que Sera Sera
What will be will be
Que Sera Sera

Starsky and Hutch 2021 Advent Calendar

Enednovial started the Starsky and Hutch Advent Calendar in 2007, and we took over hosting it in 2011. We’ve continued the Calendar every year since then, and we’re gearing up to do it again for the 2021 season.

You can see the 2020 Calendar here. If you click on day 1, you can find all the other years in a list on the right hand side of the page.

Every year we fill 24 days with gifts including stories, poems, non-fiction, pictures, art, vids, podfics, puzzles, and games. We include all genre and topics. Regarding stories, poems, or non-fiction, short pieces work best. But if your writing is longer, we can break it into bite size gifts. The only limitations: no death fics, no serious downers. I mean, c’mon people, it’s the holidays!

But we can’t have an Advent Calendar without our generous elves who make the Calendar the Starsky and Hutch Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Festival wonderland we enjoy every year. Send gifts to Any questions can go to the same address.

We’d love to have all gifts in hand by mid-November. But if you’re working on something and running late, just drop us a note, so we can get details about your gift and tentatively slot it while you take a little more time to complete it. We’re all guilty of wrapping presents at midnight, aren’t we?

Be an elf! The Advent Calendar needs you! And thanks for being a contributor to our yearly celebration.