Paula Wilshe deadline extended!

We’re extending the Paula Wilshe Award deadline! The new deadline is August 7th. If you’ve been struggling to find the time to nominate your favorite writers, you’ve got a little breathing room… and so do we.

I know there have been some very new writers popping up this year, so let’s make sure we give them some love and nominate them. And writers, don’t forget to nominate yourselves! It might be the best chance for readers to find you.

You can find the list of previous award winners (who are NOT eligible) at

You can find the list of  2023 Paula Wilshe award nominees so far at:

You can find nominees for the 2022 awards at

And you can find nominees for the 2021 awards at

Those lists of nominees are still eligible and can give you some ideas of who you might want to nominate.

And now you have a whole extra week!!!

Still not sure if your nominee is eligible — ask us at and we’ll help you figure it out. Because we have some time!

The Paula Wilshe Award Committee