Regarding the SHareCon Zine

Fans have been asking if there’ll be a zine for this year’s con. The answer is no… and yes!

The 2023 SHareCon zine cost twice as much to produce as previous zines. How much? You don’t wanna know! The labor involved was substantial. And the lack of feedback was disappointing. Realistically, producing a give-away zine for the con is no longer practical. Since the zine has offered a snapshot of our fandom since the 1990s, losing it saddens us.

So, we’re going to try something new. Using a format that works—the Advent Calendars—we’re building a Countdown to SHareCon Calendar.

Starting ten days before the con, we’ll reveal once a day new stories, poems, art, or anything our creative fans send us. (We’d prefer new vids go to the con’s premiere vid show.) We’ll review your work as we do for the Advent Calendar, that is, checking for typos or errors—not editing.

We’re hoping the Countdown Calendar will build anticipation for the con and create a new snapshot of the fandom. Best of all: it’s free. And it will be easy to leave feedback.

Submissions should be short, 7,500 words or less (with some wiggle room). Submissions can be slash, gen, and on any topic that includes our favorite boys or characters from the show. Other than length, there are no limitations. Deadline for submissions is August 1st.

The Countdown will start on September 17th and will end on the 26th, the night before the con. Ten days of fun! Your work can be reposted elsewhere when SHareCon 2024 is over, on September 30th.

So don’t wait! Send your submissions to

Special thanks to Cyanne for once again setting up a new calendar and for Suzan for gifting us her artwork.

Your countdown wranglers,
Daisy, Babs, and Flamingo

Virtual SHareCon 2024

We had a great time at our hybrid in-person/virtual SHareCon in 2023. And we’re hoping to do that again in 2025. But in the meantime… Virtual SHareCon will soon be here! The fun starts Friday, September 27, and runs through Sunday, September 29. We’ll have panels, games, vids, and more, all of it focused on our two favorite cops, Starsky and Hutch. Interested?

Registration is open! It’s free. Registering helps us gauge attendance and ensure everyone attending is an adult. Registration info will not be shared. Registration closes 9pm Eastern on September 15th, so don’t delay!

Want to stay up-to-date on all the updates? There are so many ways! Join the SHareCon Mailing list on Google Groups, or join the Starsky/Hutch Bromance group on FaceBook or the Virtual SHareCon group also on Facebook.

Feel free to ask questions in any of these forums, but if you’d rather ask something more privately, you can email Flamingo at

The SHareCon 2023 Panel Survey

We’ve created a Panel Survey for SHareCon 2023 and we’re getting ready to send out individual email invitations for you to access it. If you are interested in attending the con even part of the time, you’ll have a chance vote for your favorites.

We only have slots for 8-10 panels at SHareCon, so we want to pick topics with the most interest. So, if you are registered as an in person or virtual con goer, you will receive an email with a link to the survey. This link is for you alone. Please do not forward it to anyone else.

There are 46 panels suggested. Choose yes or no for each panel. You must answer each one and click SUBMIT at the end to record your votes. The survey times out in 15 minutes. You can only complete the survey once. The survey closes at midnight EDT on September 15th.

If you have any questions about the con, or the panels, send an email to

Thanks for helping us choose our panel lineup.

Voting for the Paula Wilshe finalists is open



Thanks to everyone who nominated writers for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH. The award is a chance to give our newest writers a little love for everything they give us. We had great participation this year.

Congratulations to this year’s 22 nominees. Out of that outstanding list, we have 13 finalists. Picking your favorite won’t be easy. Voting for your favorite author is different than nominating. You can only vote for one finalist one time.

Vote for the finalists here.

Final voting begins now and closes on Sunday, September 17th. Winners will be announced at SHareCon on Saturday, October 14th, and posted on line soon after.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and good luck to the finalists.

The Awards Committee,
Cyanne, Flamingo, and Keri

Check out the current nominees for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate your favorite new SH writer for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers. The nominees appreciate it and so do we.

We’ve had a really good turnout this year. You can find the list of 23 nominees for the award here. The list of nominees is a great rec list if you’re not sure where to start a new reading adventure. (If one of your nominees isn’t on the list, then they weren’t eligible. If you’re concerned or have any other questions, just ask us.)

The nominations survey is closed. We’ll be posting the list of finalists shortly along with the final survey for voting.

Thanks again!

The Awards Committee

Paula Wilshe deadline extended!

We’re extending the Paula Wilshe Award deadline! The new deadline is August 7th. If you’ve been struggling to find the time to nominate your favorite writers, you’ve got a little breathing room… and so do we.

I know there have been some very new writers popping up this year, so let’s make sure we give them some love and nominate them. And writers, don’t forget to nominate yourselves! It might be the best chance for readers to find you.

You can find the list of previous award winners (who are NOT eligible) at

You can find the list of  2023 Paula Wilshe award nominees so far at:

You can find nominees for the 2022 awards at

And you can find nominees for the 2021 awards at

Those lists of nominees are still eligible and can give you some ideas of who you might want to nominate.

And now you have a whole extra week!!!

Still not sure if your nominee is eligible — ask us at and we’ll help you figure it out. Because we have some time!

The Paula Wilshe Award Committee

Nominate your favs for the final Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH!

Why do we have an award named for Paula Wilshe?

Paula was a fan who loved to encourage new writers and loved awards. To keep her memory alive and celebrate writers as she did, we started the Paula Wilshe (PW) in 2003. Check out her fanlore page.

Since 2023 is the 20th anniversary of her passing and the award in her honor, we thought this would be the best year to bring the awards to a close.

Why are we closing the PW award? What happened to all the other awards?

Participation in the SHareCon awards, which include the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH and the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame awards, has been diminishing every year. The awards require a lot of work with surveys, multiple reminders and announcements, tallying all of the surveys, weeding out ineligible nominations, updating the website, etc.

In the last few years participation has been minimal, with the same loyal fans doing the bulk of nominating and voting. The participation level in the fandom was a clear message that most of the fandom is indifferent to awards. Since it requires a daunting amount of work for those of us running it, we made a collective decision to discontinue the awards.

Who’s eligible for the final Paula Wilshe Award:

Any writer who first published any Starsky & Hutch writing in any format or genre between January 2015 and December 31, 2022. Writers can only win the award once. Check out previous winners (who are no longer eligible) here.

How can I know if my fav writer is eligible for the PW?

Ask them! Or ask other fans. Or ask us. And don’t forget to nominate yourself.

I want to participate. How?

Go to our survey for the PW at

a) Nominate as many writers as you want, but only nominate each writer once.

b) List author names, email address (if you know it), and where we can find their work (if you know), either with a link or your best guess (AO3,, etc.). If you’re not sure about those details, nominate them anyway.

c) Send any questions about the PW award to

The person I wanted to nominate was already nominated by someone else. So, I don’t need to nominate them, do I?

Actually, you do. The finalists are nominees who received the most nominations. So, the additional nominations help them become finalists.

I sent in nominations already, but want to add more.

Add more nominations by filling out the survey again with new choices, but don’t repeat your previous nominations.

Then what happens?

Writers with the most nominations become finalists. We’ll announce finalists one week after nominations close on July 31, 2023. Finalist voting will begin on August 7, 2023, and close on September 18, 2023.

We’ll announce the winners at SHareCon and post it on line afterwards.

Thank you for helping us make the last Paula Wilshe award possible,

Keri T, Cyanne, and Flamingo
Award Admins

It’s official! SHareCon 2023 is open for registration!

A lot has changed since our last in-person SHareCon in 2019. After two in-person cons in a row in 2018 and 2019, we took a year off and so did the rest of the world thanks to COVID. In 2021, we opted, for safety, to have a virtual con instead. Over a hundred fans in 10 time zones joined us and, thanks to our CONspirators, we had a great time. So we held another virtual con in 2022.

This year, we’re going to combine events, so YES, Virginia (and New York and Hawaii and England and Australia) SHareCon 2023 is happening. We’ll be meeting in person on October 13-16 in Linthicum, Maryland, and at the same time, virtually everywhere else!

We’ll be planning con activities soon, but for those of you who can join us in person, you can register for the con AND reserve your hotel room now.


Membership comes in assorted flavors:

For the in-person con: full attending (all four days) or single day attending (any one day) memberships.

Supporting memberships: For those who want to support the in-person con but can’t attend, we’ve offered supporting memberships. Supporting memberships prices don’t change and don’t have a deadline. Shortly after the con, supporting members are mailed the con zine, schedules, badges, and whatever con goodies we can fit in the mailer. Supporting membership helps pay the con’s bills. Supporting members are also welcome to register for the Virtual con.

Virtual membership: This is your ticket to all the virtual con events. It is free. Just as we did with the two virtual cons, we’ll need your fan name, email address to send you links to the schedule and events, and time zone. Virtual members do not receive the con zine or con materials.

If you are interested in full attending membership, the earlier you register, the cheaper it is. Also, please note in-person membership is limited due to the size of the meeting space, so that gives you two good reasons to register early. Click the Register tab to sign up for the con.


We have an online link to facilitate your hotel registration: Share CON Hotel or click on the Hotel tab.

The con rate is good from Thursday October 12 through Monday October 16 for anyone in sightseeing in Washington or Baltimore before or after the con.

Please do not register for the hotel through a third party, bonus miles, or internet search. SHareCon will not get credit for those rooms, and if we don’t meet our quota, we can suffer a penalty.

Looking forward to seeing you in person and virtually at SHareCon 2023.


SHareCon 2022, sadly, is over….

SHareCon 2022 was a fun weekend of games, panels, vids, episodes, and lots of fannish chatter. A huge thank you to everyone who made time to attend virtually, even for only one game, panel, or episode. We were so glad you joined us. We couldn’t have a con without you.

We also want to thank our CONspirators, without which we couldn’t manage to juggle so many activities. It takes more than a village to make a successful con. It takes a group of people willing to sacrifice a lot of personal time to pull this off. Take a bow!

We owe a debt of gratitude to our games organizers. It takes a wealth of knowledge to construct clever games based on our favorite show and our favorite guys and also make them fun. SHareCon games are a long-standing tradition, and we appreciate the work involved.

We’d also like to thank our panel moderators for keeping things lively. It was hard to end each of those fascinating discussions. Special thanks also go to our spotters who were at each panel to catch important questions in chat and spot “hands up” icons on time.

The vid shows were fun and the premiere vid show was outstanding. Special thanks to all the vidders willing to have their vids shown at the con, and for our vid show organizers for putting together such fun entertainment.

Thanks have to go to the writers and artists who contributed to the con e-zine. At nearly 200 pages it was a worthy addition to our SHareCon zine library!

Special thanks have to go to our TechMeister, who’s expertise and suggestions on how to improve the virtual con experience made this con run even more smoothly than the last one. We especially appreciated improvements initiated for the vid shows, special breakout rooms for chat, and get-togethers, and all the work that went into the card game, Starsky and Hutch Against Humanity. We couldn’t do it without you!!! TechMeister assures us that, in 2023, if the con is in-person, we can have a virtual component so fans who cannot attend can still participate.

So, thanks again to everyone involved in SHareCon 2022, organizers and attendees, and be looking for firm dates for SHarecon 2023 to be held sometime in October. We look forward to seeing you then.

Voting is open for the Finalists in the Paula Wilshe and Marian Kelly Awards

Thanks to everyone who nominated creators for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH and the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame. We had great participation this year. The awards are a chance to give our hard working creators a little love for everything they give us.

Now comes the hard part. Time to vote for the finalists.

Congratulations to the 22 nominees for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH. It’s great that we have such a large field of new writers! Out of that outstanding list, we have 11 finalists. Picking your favorite won’t be easy. Vote for the finalists here.

The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame has three categories: Best Writer, Best Artist, and Best Vidder. Vote for the finalists in each category here.

Best Writer had 38 nominees! Out of that exciting list we have 10 finalists. Congratulations nominees and finalists.

Best Artist added two more nominees before the deadline. Check out their art by clicking their links. All 7 nominees are dynamic artists! Congratulations and good luck.

Best Vidder had 16 nominees. That amazing group has 8 finalists. Congratulations nominees and finalists.

Final voting begins now and closes on September 30th. Winners for both awards will be announced at SHareCon on Saturday, October 15th, and posted on line soon after.

Vote for the Paula Wilshe Award here:

Vote for the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame awards here:

Thanks again to everyone who participated and good luck to the finalists.

The Awards Committee,

Cyanne, Flamingo, and Keri