SHarecon 2018 October 18-22, 2018



SHareCon is a Starsky & Hutch slash con held every two years in Maryland. Come share a weekend of fun with good friends. Activities include panels, games, art show, episodes, an auction, and vids. As always, there's lots of laughter, hugs, and non-stop chatter about our two favorite cops. Join us October 19-22, 2018.

SHareCon is located near BWI airport just south of Baltimore, Maryland. The party starts on Thursday night, October 18, when we set up the con space! We can't wait to see you.

Your CONspirators are:

Anne (in spite of herself) - Jane of all trades and resident Saint
CC - Programming/Games/Hostest with Mostest/etc.
Cyanne -WebWork/SHareCon Zine/Technical Troubleshooter/Surveys Sublime Inc./Flamingo-herder, etc.
Flamingo - Mama Bird
Keri - Programming/Awards Management/Flamingo's Personal Prodder
SHaron- Auction
Sonia - Welcome Wagon/Auctioneer
Suzan - Art Show
Taya - Party Planner
Tiranog - Cheerleading/Resident Bee/etc.

SHareCon Updates

Con updates will be posted to two forums: 1) Facebook at the Starsky/Hutch the Original Bromance (slash ship) group and 2) the SHareCon Google Groups mailing list.

On the Facebook Bromance group, con updates can be found under the hashtag #SHareCon. Once you join the group, you can click the #SHareCon hashtag in any post and all posts related to SHareCon will be displayed.

Regarding the SHareCon Google Groups mailing list, anyone interested in the con can join the mailing list. However, we ask attending and supporting members of the con in particular to join the list. As we get closer to the con, last minute messages regarding con events may be limited to the mailing list. If you have problems subbing in to the list, emailĀ Flamingo directly at . Once you're a list member you can send messages to the group atĀ




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