The Paula Wilshe Award

Paula was a shining light in Starsky & Hutch fandom, a fan who loved to work with and encourage new writers. You can find out more about this wonderful woman on her fanlore page. We started this award to keep her memory alive and celebrate writers in a way she would have enjoyed. Paula loved fan writers and she loved awards!

Paula Wilshe Winners

2021- babs
2019- DPPatricks and Spencer5460
2018- Dandelion and Kerrys2boys
2017- No Award
2016- ksstarfire
2015- No Award
2014- Duluth
2013-  Nyssa
2012- hardboiledbaby and Susannah Powell
2011- Allie
2010- Vedette Ciel
2009- Laura McEwan
2008- Susan
2007- Rebelcat
2006- CC and Kate
2005- Morgan Logan
2004- Jat Sapphire and Dana Austin Marsh
2003- Kaye Austen Michaels

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The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame
Awards in Starsky & Hutch

Starting in 1979, ZebraCon held the Huggy Awards. The online Torino awards began in 2000. ZebraCon ended in 2007 and the Torinos in 2008. The only award our fandom had after that was the Paula Wilshe Award.

So in 2016, the intrepid (read: crazy) people who brought you the PW decided to add a new award system: the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame. Marian was a Founding Mother in SH fandom, with a long history of creativity that included award winning zine stories, art, and letterzine contributions. She also ran one of the earliest Writer’s Workshops at Zebracon in 1980. Check out her fanlore page.

Categories in the Marian awards are:

1) Best Writer: for a body of work of stories, poetry, non-fiction, blogs, opinion, or anything written involving Starsky & Hutch. Hall of Fame writers are not eligible for the Paula Wilshe.

Best Writer Marian Winners

2021- molo/Morgan Logan
2019- Charlotte Frost/charlotte_frost
2018- Dawnwind
2016- Kaye Austen Michaels

2) Best Writing: for a single work, such as a story, poem, non-fiction essay, individual blog entry, opinion piece, or anything written involving Starsky & Hutch. In 2019, the Best Writing Award was split into five categories by word count.

Best Writing Marian Winners

2018- The Week by Kaye Austin Michaels
2016- Crab Sandwiches by Dawnwind

Best Writing Marian Winner Under 2,000 Words

2021- Heart Failure by Callisto

Best Writing Marian Winner 2,001 to 7,500 Words

2021- Inevitabilis by Audrey

Best Writing Marian Winner Under 7,500 Words

2019- I’m Telling You by Jat Sapphire and Like Indiana Jones by Morgan Logan/Molo

Best Writing Marian Winners Between 7,501 to 15,000 words

2021- Nine Day Fall by molo (Morgan Logan)
2019- Black and Bruised by Rosemary or alternative link here

Best Writing Marian Winners Between 15,001 to 40,000

2021- Sexperts by Charlotte Frost
2019- A Fine Storm by Suzan Lovett

Best Writing Marian Winners Between 40,001 to 80,000

2021- Another Dawn Patrol by jat sapphire
2019- Gentlemen, Start Your Engines by Dana Austin Marsh

Best Writing Marian Winners Over 80,000 words

2021- Dark Night of the Soul by Elizabeth Lowry
2019- Chaos Universe by Keri Mera and Distant Shores by April Valentine

3) Best Artist: for a body of work of Starsky & Hutch art in any medium or genre.

Best Artist Marian Winners

2021- enednoviel
2019- Mortmere

2018- Suzan Lovett
2016- Lorraine Brevig

4) Best Art: for a single work of Starsky & Hutch art in any medium or genre.

Best Art Marian Winners

2021- Rainbow Series by mortmere
2019- Crystal Blue Persuasion by Suzan
2018- Overload by Anachron and The Fix by Anachron
2016-Cover Venice Place Chronicles, Vol V by Lorraine Brevig

5) Best Vidder: for a body of work of Starsky & Hutch vids in any genre.

Best Vidder Marian Winners

2021-  garrideb/autumnburn and kat-byrd/LilyK
2019- Amber Raine/Starsky Loves Hutch
2018- Lovethatblueeyedsoul and TM Productions
2016-Raynebow68 (Laura McEwan)

6) Best Vid: for a single Starsky & Hutch vid in any genre. Mixed media vids that only contain a few selected S&H clips are not eligible.

Best Vid Marian Winners

2021- Hey Na Na by autumnburn
2019- The Journey by TM Productions (download) and If I Had a Million Dollars by Moondroplette (download)
2018- Still the One by Raynebow68 (Laura McEwan)
2016-That Was a River (right click to download) by Beth Cambre

Each individual person (e.g.: writer, artist) can only win once in an overall category; each piece of work (e.g.: piece of writing, piece of art, vid) can only win once in an individual category.

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