Your CONspirators are:

Anne (in spite of herself): Jane of all trades, resident Saint, Keeper of the hounds, meal provider
Anselm0: Registration, set-up, raffle queen
Babs: SHareCon zine co-editor, Panel Participant Wrangler
Cyanne: WebWork, Technical Troubleshooter, Surveys Sublime, Bingo Caller
Daisy Morgan: SHareCon zine editor, Discord wrangler, games emcee, Discord help desk support, co-moderator for the V-SHareCon FaceBook Group and Starsky Hutch bRomance (slash ship) Group
Flamingo: Mama Bird, Registration, Paula Wilshe Award, Programming, Vid Shows
Garrideb: Premiere Vid Show, Discord Wrangler
hardboiledbaby: Twitter editor, Programming, Scheduling/Time Zone Guru, Dance Party vid show
Ilana: V-SHareCon Facebook Group Admin, Starsky Hutch bRomance (slash ship) Group admin
Keri: Programming, Scheduling, Paula Wilshe Award , Flamingo’s Personal Prodder
MatSir: Zoom Wrangler, Starsky Hutch bRomance (slash ship) Group moderator
Taya: Dance Party Coordinator, Programming
Techmeister: Zoom Master, Chief Concierge/Facilitator Extraordinaire

Our Official Guardian Angels in loving memory

CC: Hostest with Mostest
Rosemary/Tiranog:  Cheerleading, Resident Bee