Regarding the SHareCon Zine

Fans have been asking if there’ll be a zine for this year’s con. The answer is no… and yes!

The 2023 SHareCon zine cost twice as much to produce as previous zines. How much? You don’t wanna know! The labor involved was substantial. And the lack of feedback was disappointing. Realistically, producing a give-away zine for the con is no longer practical. Since the zine has offered a snapshot of our fandom since the 1990s, losing it saddens us.

So, we’re going to try something new. Using a format that works—the Advent Calendars—we’re building a Countdown to SHareCon Calendar.

Starting ten days before the con, we’ll reveal once a day new stories, poems, art, or anything our creative fans send us. (We’d prefer new vids go to the con’s premiere vid show.) We’ll review your work as we do for the Advent Calendar, that is, checking for typos or errors—not editing.

We’re hoping the Countdown Calendar will build anticipation for the con and create a new snapshot of the fandom. Best of all: it’s free. And it will be easy to leave feedback.

Submissions should be short, 7,500 words or less (with some wiggle room). Submissions can be slash, gen, and on any topic that includes our favorite boys or characters from the show. Other than length, there are no limitations. Deadline for submissions is August 1st.

The Countdown will start on September 17th and will end on the 26th, the night before the con. Ten days of fun! Your work can be reposted elsewhere when SHareCon 2024 is over, on September 30th.

So don’t wait! Send your submissions to

Special thanks to Cyanne for once again setting up a new calendar and for Suzan for gifting us her artwork.

Your countdown wranglers,
Daisy, Babs, and Flamingo