SHareCon 2022, sadly, is over….

SHareCon 2022 was a fun weekend of games, panels, vids, episodes, and lots of fannish chatter. A huge thank you to everyone who made time to attend virtually, even for only one game, panel, or episode. We were so glad you joined us. We couldn’t have a con without you.

We also want to thank our CONspirators, without which we couldn’t manage to juggle so many activities. It takes more than a village to make a successful con. It takes a group of people willing to sacrifice a lot of personal time to pull this off. Take a bow!

We owe a debt of gratitude to our games organizers. It takes a wealth of knowledge to construct clever games based on our favorite show and our favorite guys and also make them fun. SHareCon games are a long-standing tradition, and we appreciate the work involved.

We’d also like to thank our panel moderators for keeping things lively. It was hard to end each of those fascinating discussions. Special thanks also go to our spotters who were at each panel to catch important questions in chat and spot “hands up” icons on time.

The vid shows were fun and the premiere vid show was outstanding. Special thanks to all the vidders willing to have their vids shown at the con, and for our vid show organizers for putting together such fun entertainment.

Thanks have to go to the writers and artists who contributed to the con e-zine. At nearly 200 pages it was a worthy addition to our SHareCon zine library!

Special thanks have to go to our TechMeister, who’s expertise and suggestions on how to improve the virtual con experience made this con run even more smoothly than the last one. We especially appreciated improvements initiated for the vid shows, special breakout rooms for chat, and get-togethers, and all the work that went into the card game, Starsky and Hutch Against Humanity. We couldn’t do it without you!!! TechMeister assures us that, in 2023, if the con is in-person, we can have a virtual component so fans who cannot attend can still participate.

So, thanks again to everyone involved in SHareCon 2022, organizers and attendees, and be looking for firm dates for SHarecon 2023 to be held sometime in October. We look forward to seeing you then.