2019 Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Nominees for Best Writing

The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writing is for a single work, such as a story, poem, non-fiction essay, individual blog entry, opinion piece, or anything written involving Starsky & Hutch.

The current nominees are listed below with links to the work.

A Day Less Ordinary by Jojo

A Fairy Tale Life by Suze777

A Fine Storm by Suzan Lovett

A Gaslight Friendship by Dale aka dalegardener

Analysis and Therapy by Nik Britwizz

Another Dawn Patrol by jat sapphire

Beneath the Skin by lamardeuse

Black and Bruised by Rosemary or alternative link here

Blood on the Sun by Kassidy

Camille by Verlaine  

Causality Loop by Sue David and Valerie Wells

Chaos Universe by Keri Mera

Circling the Wagons by Callisto

Cliffhanger by Rae

Corroborating Evidence by Dandelion (login required)

Cupid and Psyche Revisited by Kaye Austen Michaels

Descry! by Elizabeth Lowry

Diet and Exercise by Nik Britwizz

Distant Shores by April Valentine

Draw the Line by Kassidy

Fading Into Technicolor by Wuemsel

Finding Hutch by Dandelion (login required)

Four Ways Starsky Lost Terry and One Way He Didn’t by Verlaine

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines by Dana Austin Marsh

Hero by Charlotte Frost

Hold Out by Sunny D

I’m Telling You by Jat Sapphire

In Fire and Blood by kaye

Inmates by cynatnite

Jericho by Morgan Logan (zine)

Learning to Breathe by Veronica

Like Indiana Jones by Morgan Logan/Molo

Like You Used To by youtooblondie

Losing Starsky by Dandelion (login required)

Merry, Merry by Verlaine

Night Falls Forever by lmhbilly

Night Vision by thayln

Nine Day Fall by Molo

Ninety-Nine Miles from LA by Lucy

Obligations by K Hanna Korossy

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy by susan

Outpatient by Nyssa

Paint It Gray by Morgan Logan

Pigs In Space by Morgan Logan

Promises to Keep by Teri White

Resonance by Sunny D

Saving Starsky by Dandelion (login required)

Serve and Protect by Lucy

Seven Minutes by Cyndi

Spellbound by Nyssa

Sweet Recovery by Izzie

Survival of the Fittest by Kaye Austen Michaels

The Hunt by Minnie K

The One Left Behind by Sue David and Valerie Wells

The Rest of the Story by Audrey

The Precious Possessions by pegbronco

The Thousandth Man by Suzan Lovett

The View from the Bottom by Rebelcat

Thirty Minutes by K Hanna Korossy

This Mission Thing by Jojo

This Time by Rae

Thus Spake Zarathustra by Dawnwind

Time in a Glass by Sunny D.

To Hell and Back by LilyK

Torn by Morgan Logan (zine)

Two Objectively Successful Dates by garrideb

Under by Salieri

Unwrapped by Diane

Vendetta’s Remains by Spencer5460

Wrestling as One of the Fine Arts by Jat Sapphire

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2019 Marian Kelly Awards.

2019 Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Nominees for Best Art

The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Art is for a single work of Starsky & Hutch art in any medium or genre.

The current nominees are listed below with links to the art.

Afternoon Delight by Mortmere

All I Want by Mortmere

Bedtime Stories by Mortmere

Barely Legal by Lorraine Brevig

Best Friends by Enednoviel

City Heat by Suzan Lovett

Crystal Blue Persuasion by Suzan Lovett

Death in a Point of His View #1 by mixingmetaphors

Happy Starsky & Hutch by Enednoviel

He’s Crowley, I’m Aziraphale by Mortmere

Home by Mortmere

Laughing by Enednoviel

Many Waters by Mortmere

Mutual Gift by Mortmere

On a Cloud Somewhere III by Mortmere

Saving Hand by Moni K

Silent Conversation by Enednoviel

So Close You Can Kiss by Onnakarot

Starsky & Hutch by Lorraine

Starsky Black and Blue and Red by Onnakarot

Starsky in Profile by Anachron

The Alleyway by Duluthgirl

Till the Sun Breaks Down by Sonja

Tickled Pink by Moni K

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2019 Marian Kelly Awards.

2019 Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Nominees for Best Vidder

The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Vidder is for a body of work of Starsky & Hutch vids in any genre.

The current nominees are listed below with links to their works.

Amber Raine/Starsky Loves Hutch




Mary Van Deusen

Milkweedy/fresh candy



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2019 Marian Kelly Awards.

2019 Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Nominees for Best Vid

The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Vid is for a single Starsky & Hutch vid in any genre. Mixed media vids that only contain a few selected S&H clips are not eligible.

The current nominees are listed below with links to the vids.

Ain’t No Reason by Thandie777

Big Wheels in the Moonlight by Mary Van Deusen

Bonfire Hearts by Starsky Loves Hutch (Amber Raine)

Chasing Cars by Laura McEwan

Classic by ancasta

Drive by Garrideb (Autumnburn)

Enchanted by Amber Raine (Starsky Loves Hutch)

Fallen Angels by Molo (Morgan Logan)

Home by T.M. Productions

Gimme Shelter by Thandie777

I Don’t Believe You by Starsky Loves Hutch (Amber Raine)

If I Had $1,000,000 by Moondroplette (download)

In My Blood by Amber Raine (Starsky Loves Hutch)(login required)

Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Starsky Loves Hutch (Amber Raine)

Mighty Fine by kassidy

Next to Me by Starsky Loves Hutch (Amber Raine)

Photograph by Amber Raine (Starsky Loves Hutch)

Rag Doll by T.M. Productions (not available online)

Say Something by Morgan Ballard (Amber Raine/Starsky Loves Hutch)

Shine by Amber Raine (Starsky Loves Hutch)

Silver Lining by Elvis Obsessor

Somewhere in the Night by Milkweedy (fresh candy)

Stand By You by Hardboiledbaby

Still Alive by Milkweedy (fresh candy)

Superman Tonight by kat-byrd

Take Me the Way I Am by Ancasta

Testify by Morgan Dawn & Justine Bennett

Temper of Revenge by Mary Van Deusen

The Days Worth Living by Mirien

The Genuine Hutchinson Original by Thandie777

The Journey by TM Productions

This is the Time of My Life by T.M. Productions

Way U Move by TheSH911

Wiggle by TM Productions

Wounded by giandujakiss

You are the Reason by Amber Raine (Starsky Loves Hutch) (login required)

You’re a Friend of Mine by Ancasta

You’re All I Have by Amber Raine (Starsky Loves Hutch)

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2019 Marian Kelly Awards.

The Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH and The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Awards

Who were Paula Wilshe and Marian Kelly and why do they have awards? Paula was a fan who loved to work with and encourage new writers. We wanted to keep her memory alive and celebrate writers like she did, so in 2003 we started the Paula Wilshe (PW). Paula loved fan writers and she loved awards! Check out her fanlore page.

Marian was a Founding Mother in SH fandom. She created award-winning zine stories, art, and letterzine contributions, and ran one of the first Writer’s Workshops at Zebracon in 1980. Most other awards in our fandom had ended, so in 2016, we started the Marian Kelly (MK) Hall of Fame. Check out her fanlore page.

Who’s eligible: For the PW, any writer who first published any Starsky & Hutch writing in any format or genre between January 2013 and August 1, 2019. Writers can only win the award once.

For the MK Hall of Fame, any writer no longer eligible for the PW is eligible for the MK Best Writer Award (unless they have already won it). For the other categories in the MK (Best Writing, Artist, Art, Vidder, Vid), any person or work is eligible that has not won the MK award in their category previously. However, different works by the same creators are eligible.

How can I know if my fav writer is eligible for the PW? Ask them! Or ask other fans. Or ask us. And don’t forget to nominate yourself.

How can I know who or what is eligible for the MK? There are six Best categories: Writer, Writing, Artist, Art, Vidder, and Vid. Individual MK Hall of Fame awards can only be won once.

Check the list of previous winners to make sure the person or work you want to nominate has not won previously.

What if my favorite writer isn’t eligible for the PW anymore? They’re still eligible for the Marian Kelly Award Hall of Fame Best Writer Award (unless they’ve already won it.)

I want to participate. How? Go to our survey for the PW or the MK to nominate:

a) For the PW or MK Best Writer, nominate as many writers as you want, but only nominate each writer once.

b) List author names, email address (if you know it), and where we can find their work (if you know), either with a link or your best guess (AO3, FF.net, etc.). If you’re not sure about those details, nominate them anyway.

c) For the other categories of the MK Hall of Fame, the information we need is the same: Creator name, email if you know it, and where we can find their work, if you know. For best writing, art, and vid: the title of the work, who made it, and where it can be found.

d) Send any questions about the PW award to pwaward@sharecon.net.

e) Send any questions about the MK Hall of Fame award to mkaward@sharecon.net.

The person (or work) I wanted to nominate was already nominated by someone else. So I don’t need to nominate them, do I? Actually, you do. The finalists for the awards are determined by how many nominations they receive. So the more people who nominate a person or work help get them closer to becoming finalists.

I sent in nominations already, but want to add more. You can add more nominations by filling out the survey again with new choices. Add your new suggestions but don’t repeat nominations you’ve already submitted.

Then what happens? In both awards, creators and works with the most nominations become finalists. We’ll announce finalists two weeks after nominations close on June 29th at 11:59m EDT .

You can vote for the finalists from July 27th through August 25th.

We’ll announce the winners at SHareCon and post it on line afterwards.

Important note: Since Keri T, Cyanne, and Flamingo are organizing this award, they and their works are not eligible in any category.

SHareCon 2 Years in a Row? We Be Crazy!

After throwing SHareCon every other year since 2000, we’re changing our pattern and holding another con right after SHareCon 2018. We’re doing it to stagger SHareCon with BistoCon, a gathering for the Professionals fandom that some of our members also attend. We’re also doing it because our fandom is really active now, so let’s enjoy!

But a con doesn’t just happen no matter how energetic and creative our con committee is. To pull off a successful con in less than six months, we need your help. We need stories, poems, artwork, and more for our zine. We need vids to fill our vid shows. We need nominations for our awards. We need you to answer food surveys and other polls to determine the best con activities. We need you to initiate and respond to posts on the mailing list and the FaceBook group. And we need you to register for the con and reserve your hotel room, so we can figure out how many are coming. (Note: by registering early, you can both save money and guarantee your space, since membership is limited to 60.)

We’ve got a lot to do and short time to do it in. So, as Dobey would say, we better hit the streets and get hot! SHareCon 2019 will be here before you know it.