2019 Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Nominees for Best Writing Word Counts of 7,501 to 15,000

The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writing is for a single work, such as a story, poem, non-fiction essay, individual blog entry, opinion piece, or anything written involving Starsky & Hutch.

The finalists are listed below with links to the work.

Black and Bruised by Rosemary or alternative link here

Causality Loop by Sue David and Valerie Wells

Circling the Wagons by Callisto

Descry! by Elizabeth Lowry

Diet and Exercise by Nik Britwizz

Four Ways Starsky Lost Terry and One Way He Didn’t by Verlaine

Hero by Charlotte Frost

In Fire and Blood by kaye

Night Falls Forever by lmhbilly

Obligations by K Hanna Korossy

Sweet Recovery by Izzie

The View from the Bottom by Rebelcat

This Time by Rae

Under by Salieri

Unwrapped by Diane

Vendetta’s Remains by Spencer5460

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2019 Marian Kelly Best Writing Award

Word Counts of 7,501 to 15,000