2019 Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Nominees for Best Writing

The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writing is for a single work, such as a story, poem, non-fiction essay, individual blog entry, opinion piece, or anything written involving Starsky & Hutch.

The current nominees are listed below with links to the work.

A Day Less Ordinary by Jojo

A Fairy Tale Life by Suze777

A Fine Storm by Suzan Lovett

A Gaslight Friendship by Dale aka dalegardener

Analysis and Therapy by Nik Britwizz

Another Dawn Patrol by jat sapphire

Beneath the Skin by lamardeuse

Black and Bruised by Rosemary or alternative link here

Blood on the Sun by Kassidy

Camille by Verlaine  

Causality Loop by Sue David and Valerie Wells

Chaos Universe by Keri Mera

Circling the Wagons by Callisto

Cliffhanger by Rae

Corroborating Evidence by Dandelion (login required)

Cupid and Psyche Revisited by Kaye Austen Michaels

Descry! by Elizabeth Lowry

Diet and Exercise by Nik Britwizz

Distant Shores by April Valentine

Draw the Line by Kassidy

Fading Into Technicolor by Wuemsel

Finding Hutch by Dandelion (login required)

Four Ways Starsky Lost Terry and One Way He Didn’t by Verlaine

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines by Dana Austin Marsh

Hero by Charlotte Frost

Hold Out by Sunny D

I’m Telling You by Jat Sapphire

In Fire and Blood by kaye

Inmates by cynatnite

Jericho by Morgan Logan (zine)

Learning to Breathe by Veronica

Like Indiana Jones by Morgan Logan/Molo

Like You Used To by youtooblondie

Losing Starsky by Dandelion (login required)

Merry, Merry by Verlaine

Night Falls Forever by lmhbilly

Night Vision by thayln

Nine Day Fall by Molo

Ninety-Nine Miles from LA by Lucy

Obligations by K Hanna Korossy

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy by susan

Outpatient by Nyssa

Paint It Gray by Morgan Logan

Pigs In Space by Morgan Logan

Promises to Keep by Teri White

Resonance by Sunny D

Saving Starsky by Dandelion (login required)

Serve and Protect by Lucy

Seven Minutes by Cyndi

Spellbound by Nyssa

Sweet Recovery by Izzie

Survival of the Fittest by Kaye Austen Michaels

The Hunt by Minnie K

The One Left Behind by Sue David and Valerie Wells

The Rest of the Story by Audrey

The Precious Possessions by pegbronco

The Thousandth Man by Suzan Lovett

The View from the Bottom by Rebelcat

Thirty Minutes by K Hanna Korossy

This Mission Thing by Jojo

This Time by Rae

Thus Spake Zarathustra by Dawnwind

Time in a Glass by Sunny D.

To Hell and Back by LilyK

Torn by Morgan Logan (zine)

Two Objectively Successful Dates by garrideb

Under by Salieri

Unwrapped by Diane

Vendetta’s Remains by Spencer5460

Wrestling as One of the Fine Arts by Jat Sapphire

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2019 Marian Kelly Awards.