We’re planning an in-person SHareCon in 2022, but we could end up in Flamingo’s lower level again. V-SHareCon proved we can have a lot of virtual fun with kick-ass vids, fun games, and lots of eps, while reaching Starsky and Hutch fans all over the world.

Before 2021, we created a hard copy zine for every SHareCon. But by the time we realized we’d be virtual last year, we didn’t have enough time to produce one. This year, whatever kind of con we end up hosting, we will produce a zine! Whether it’s a traditional paper zine or a rockin’ e‑zine, our zine will be a collection of SH creativity that’s curated in a way that makes sense.

What’s in a zine? Like stone soup, a little of everything: fic, essays, art, poems, puzzles, puns, limericks, cartoons, drabbles, trivia, quotes, or anything that involves our boys. Multiple submissions are welcome. Crossovers are welcome as long as Starsky and Hutch are the focus. Submissions can be gen, slash, or anything you can dream up. Think of the con zine as a snapshot of the fandom as it is now.

We prefer submissions under 10 pages (around 7,000 words). But if yours is longer, talk to us. We might have the ideal place for it.

When sending your submission, please put YOUR TITLE, YOUR AUTHOR NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS on the submission itself (not just the file name or email). Once we separate your file from your email, we can lose those details. Your submission must be new, not published in print or on the net, though it can be a sequel to a previously published work.

What will the zine look like?

If SHareCon 2022 is in-person, the zine will be both on paper and in an electronic format. In that case, we ask for exclusive rights to your work for six months after the con: April 17, 2023. That means you agree not to post or publish it anywhere until that date. The exclusive rights give us time to sell the print run. Contributors of at least one full page of content will receive both a digital and printed hard copy of the zine. The hard copy will be available free to all attendees of the con and will also be sent to anyone with a supporting membership.

If the con is virtual, then the zine will be electronic only. It will be posted on-line, available to all, during the con, and after the con you can post your work anywhere without waiting.

Send submissions or questions to zine@sharecon.net. You can also post questions to the sharecon mailing list or the Starsky/Hutch the Original Bromance (slash ship) community on Facebook using the hashtag #SHareCon.

Deadline for submissions is July 1, 2022, but feel free to beat the rush and get yours in sooner.

Thanks, Flamingo and Cyanne