Your CONspirators are:

In Person: 

Anne (in spite of herself): Jane of all trades and resident Saint
(in loving memory): Hostest with Mostest
Cyanne:-WebWork/SHareCon Zine/Technical Troubleshooter/Surveys Sublime Inc./Flamingo-herder, etc.
Flamingo: Mama Bird
Keri:– Programming/Awards Management/Flamingo’s Personal Prodder
Meghan/anselm: Registration/Setup/Party Organizer
Sonia:– Welcome Wagon/Auctioneer/ Chief Con Comforter
Suzan:– Art Show and Print Shop
Taya:– Party Planner and Food Wrangler
Tiranog: (in loving memory)- Cheerleading/Resident Bee/Official Guardian Angel


Cyanne: WebWork/Technical Troubleshooter
Daisy Morgan: Discord Training/ V-SHareCon FaceBook Group moderator
Flamingo: Mama Bird, Registration, Awards, Vids
Garrideb:  Premiere Vid Show, Discord Wrangler
hardboiledbaby: Twitter editor
Ilana: V-SHareCon Facebook Group Admin; Starsky/Hutch bRomance (slash ship) Group admin
MatSir: Zoom Wrangler
Techmeister: Zoom Master