SHarecon 2016



Panel Descriptions



2pm- How do today's stories differ from yesteryear's?: Is there less hurt/comfort now? How do angst-filled stories from the 70s, 80s, and 90s stack up to today's fic? Is there less dark fic? (back to schedule)

4pm- Put together the ultimate SH play list:  What songs evoke the show, the boys, or specific scenes? Would you use modern music or only period tunes? (back to schedule)

7pm- History of Vidding through SH vids: Starsky & Hutch fans invented vidding. But most of those early vids will never be online. Let's watch some of the first song vids ever created in our fandom and see, through the vids themselves, how things progressed over the following years. (back to schedule)

10pm- Okay, so today you’re not a turkey, but if this were 1976…: Do we need to keep our fics in the '70s or is this less important as time goes by? Let's talk about slang, fashions, and happenings of the disco era, and explore how modernization can happen and still stay true to the flavor of this uniquely ‘70s universe. (back to schedule)


9am- Early Bird Topical Potluck. Okay, all you early risers. Come join CC and other morning people (a concept Flamingo will never understand) to share coffee, tea, and some fun SH talk as we kick start the day. (back to schedule)

11am- Our Changing Cultural Lens: Starsky & Hutch premiered just six years after the Stonewall Riots and three years after the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality as a mental disorder. We've written about our boys through the AIDS crisis, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Ellen coming out, hate crime legislation, and domestic partnerships. Forty-one years later, gay marriage is legal in the United States. How have these foundational changes in public mores affected the way we've portrayed their relationship and the world they lived in through the years? (back to schedule)

1pm-Canon vs fanon--Does it affect your reading pleasure?: What do we think we know about S&H after watching all those eps and reading all those stories? Does it matter? Do you have your own personal canon you use when writing, i.e., Hutch's mother was cruel, Starsky's mom was sweet? If a writer strays far from your concept of the SH universe, does it affect the enjoyment of that story? (back to schedule)

4pm- The Sweet Revenge Addict or can we fix our craving for The Fix?: It hurts so good! What is it about these two episodes that pull us to read everything or write our own take on them, while lesser episodes languish in fiction obscurity? (back to schedule)

9pm- Hearts and Flowers or Friends with Benefits?: When does the show support your slash universe and when does it interfere? Do you see the guys developing a romantic or strictly sexual relationship during the run of the show or did things only change for them after the Gunther hit? (back to schedule)

10pm-Vidding workshop: How do people make vids these days: software, equipment, formats? Let one of our resident vidding experts show you! (back to schedule)


900am- Early Bird Topical Potluck: Here’s a challenge to you early risers. By Sunday only the strong survive. Can you make it? Come join CC and other surviving morning people to share coffee, tea, and some fun SH talk as we kick start the day. (back to schedule)

11am- Comatose Spotted Dog (Do you see the dog, Starsky?): Here's your chance to tell the con committee what went right and what went wrong with the con. It's face-to-face feedback, both good and bad. (back to schedule)

Noon- Modernizing Starsky & Hutch: How would it affect their characterization if they were Millennials or Gen X-ers? Imagine Starsky with a cell phone and an iPad or Hutch being retro or in skinny jeans and chucks. What car would Starsky drive? Can't we see Hutch in Dockers and a polo shirt talking about recycling, going vegan, driving a Prius? (back to schedule)