2019 Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Finalists for Best Vid

The Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Vid is for a single Starsky & Hutch vid in any genre. Mixed media vids that only contain a few selected S&H clips are not eligible.

The finalists are listed below with links to the vids.

Bonfire Hearts by Morgan Ballard (Starsky Loves Hutch/Amber Raine)

Classic by ancasta

Drive by Garrideb (Autumnburn)

I Don’t Believe You by Starsky Loves Hutch (Amber Raine)

If I Had $1,000,000 by Moondroplette

In My Blood by Amber Raine (Starsky Loves Hutch)(login required)

Mighty Fine by kassidy

Somewhere in the Night by Milkweedy (fresh candy)

Stand By You by Hardboiledbaby

Superman Tonight by kat-byrd

Testify by Morgan Dawn & Justine Bennett

The Journey by TM Productions

You are the Reason by Amber Raine (Starsky Loves Hutch) (login required)

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